VIVA is supported by a small but growing pool of key volunteers who generously contribute their time and talents.

We strongly believe in matching VIVA’s needs and projects to our volunteers’ skill-sets, experience and availability – because that’s when the magic happens!

Volunteering Opportunities

VIVA has a wide variety of opportunities and we would appreciate your contribution in the following ways:

  • Organising advocacy and/or fundraising events
  • Writing, Editing, Graphic Design
  • Photography, Videography
  • Office administration

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Who and why we volunteer with VIVA?

"I have the wonderful opportunity of volunteering with VIVA Foundation for Children with Cancer, as my husband and I recently relocated to Singapore from Sydney, Australia. I am fortunate enough to be in a position where I can donate my time, knowledge and experience to a great cause.'

I currently contribute about 15 hours a week of my time, supporting projects and events including the St Jude VIVA Forum. My time spent in VIVA Foundation has so far been personally rewarding and fulfilling."

- Sophie

"My son was diagnosed with leukemia and received chemotherapy treatment in Singapore. I have been supported by many people here so naturally gained the desire to help others. I came to know of VIVA Foundation through his doctors and hospital, and decided to volunteer with them.

I volunteer for 2 hours each week and help to pull together some research and medical information from my experience as a parent of a cancer patient. I hope these can help other parents in similar situations. I strongly agree with mission of the Foundation. I am hoping advanced treatments will save more children with cancer like how these are saving my son."

- Naoko